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Baby goats will be arriving soon! Keep checking back for pictures.

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Who We Are:

4B Farms consists of Dan, Carol, Wade and Shayna Buck, several dogs, a bunch horses, about 150 Boer Goats, and 5 cats. We were fortunate enough to find this farm of 160 acres in Grinnell, Kansas in 2005 during Dan's travels delivering seed. It was exactly what we had been trying to find for years. The people in this area are amazing.

The Bucks

We have lived our entire lives in Eastern Nebraska and it was a huge leap of faith to move so far from everyone and everything we have always known. We were incredibly fortunate however to move into a community of people that have welcomed us with open arms and have become more than just friends, they have become like family to us. We could not ask for better neighbors or a better community to become a part of. For Dan, buying this farm was going back to his boyhood roots where he raised and sold feeder pigs and farmed. I on the other hand grew up in town and always longed to be on the farm, so I am finally here. At long last, we can have our horses on our own property instead of having to keep them on property owned by someone else.

Wade has graduated from high school and is off to college. He is enjoying his first taste of freedom! He has his own welding business with a friend and is taking classes to become certified. Shayna is still very active in 4H and sports in school. Life is still crazy most days!

Steer Horse

Our Business

Dan and I are entrepreneurs and have owned our own businesses for 20 years. We started Dan Buck Transportation in 1992 and decided to quit trucking in 2009 after weathering the $4 diesel prices. Dan has since gone to work helping a local farming family and he does contract welding as well as mechanic work on semi trucks and trailers. We sold a car wash that we had purchased from my parents in order to buy the farm in Grinnell. We were representatives for a communication company for several years. We keep busy with the farm, and our horse operation, and raising our dogs and goats, but we love every minute of it. We hope to continue to build all of our businesses with the help of our fantastic customers.





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