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Stud service available! We currently have 3 males available for stud service and will have another by the end of 2014.

Shayna & Rusty
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Our puppies receive lots of loving attention from the time they are born until the time they go to their permanent homes.

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4B Farms of Grinnell, Kansas -
Miniature Australian Shepherds
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Mini Aussies

JNB Rimfire Wolf - Jasper

What is a rancher without working dogs?  TIRED that's what!  If you have livestock you need a reliable working dog and Mini Aussies are just what the doctor ordered!  Don't let their size fool you; they are quick and very smart.  With a little training they'll be moving your critters around like pros.  The Aussie has a natural instinct to heel and they are great for working cattle, horses, goats, sheep, or any other livestock. Miniature Aussies average 14" to 18" tall and will weigh approximately 20-30 pounds at their ideal adult weight.

We have three breeding males, one is a blue merle, Jasper, with beautiful blue eyes and very dominant color genes. He produces strictly blue merles, black tri's or black bis when bred to our red tri, Chili. We also have a black tri male, Chase, that we have bred to our blue merle, Pepper and produced a beautiful litter with all colors. Junior is our third male and he is a toy. We are going to breed him this month to an outside red merle female and we will update the page when the litter is born.

To see more about our Miniature Australian Shepherds click on the picture below.


Tubby & Chip lounging in the house. Our dogs are part of the family! We hope you will make them part of yours as well. Aussies do NOT like to be left outside away from their family, and especially do not like being chained. If you plan to adopt an Aussie please plan to have them in your home, probably following you from one room to the other and laying at your feet as you watch TV or sit at your desk. If that is not the kind of dog you want then Aussies are not for you!

They are very people oriented, good with children and other pets and only have moderate shedding (nothing compared to our Golden Retriever, believe me!!!) They like to have a job and can become very protective of what they believe is theirs. Training is essential with Aussies and socialization is very important. They are NOT the breed of dog to adopt if you plan to stick them in the back yard and only acknowledge them as you walk past to take out the trash. NO DOG should be treated like that, but an Aussie will get into more trouble than you can imagine if you ignore him!!

Please make sure that the Aussie temperament matches your family BEFORE you adopt, consider the adoption of a puppy just as serious as having a child. It truly is a life changing event and they require your love and care for at least the next 12-15 years!



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