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Is your pasture or lot full of weeds or saplings and scrub cedars? Don't have the money or time to spray? Or don't like to use chemicals? We have the answer for you! You can rent our goats, they LOVE the weeds and leave all the good grass for your cows or horses or just as a lawn. Contact us for details!

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Great American Quarter Horses that are versatile enough to work the ranch all week and take you to the pay window on the weekend!


4B Farms Hombres Bartender -


Hombre has some awesome horses in his pedigree including Genuine Hombre x Genuine Doc, Two ID Bartender and Two Eyed Tee. He is stocky and athletic and very easy to work with. He was severely injured as a two year old and nearly cut his hind foot off but fortunately thanks to our excellent veterinarian, he is fully recovered and has no lasting lameness. Hombre is broke to ride but requires a confident rider. He is not mean or out of control but he will take advantage if he is allowed to. He wants, and needs a job! We do not have cattle but he definitely pays close attention to the neighbors cattle across the fence.

Hombre is available to breed outside mares for Private Treaty, live cover only. If you would like more information please contact us.

We are drastically reducing our mare herd and we no longer need 3 stallions so Hombre is being offered for sale. He is an aggressive breeder and can be hand bred or pasture bred, when hand breeding he requires someone that is confident handling stallions. He does NOT need to be abused, he just needs to know you are in charge and he will respect you, I am only 5'4" but I can handle him without a problem, he also works well for my husband so he does not necessarily favor men or women. He does need to be in a tall, sturdy pen if penned near mares because he will try to jump to get to mares in heat. He is used to being penned next to other stallions. All reasonable offers will be considered. Please contact us for more information.

Hombres Bartender Pedigree
Single Shota Hombre
Genuine Hombre
Genuine Doc
Seven S Margarita
Eye Docs Mistie
Eye Doc
Mistie James
Two Tee Peggy
Two Bartender Rick
Two ID Bartender
Watch Jo Peggy
Tee Cup Leo
Two Eyed Tee
Oel Mot

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