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Baby goats will be arriving soon! Keep checking back for pictures. Protection Status

4B Farms Stallions

Stormy & Wade
In loving memory of Watch Skippin Joe "Stormy" 2004 - 2006

We would like to encourage everyone to vaccinate your horses against West Nile Virus every year. We lost Stormy to complications after West Nile infection.

When you think of a Stallion do images of an out of control monster immediately come to mind? A huge powerful animal that no one can control and he is just allowed to rear or strike or kick or bite whenever he wants and everyone thinks that he is "Just being a Stallion"?

If that is your impression of a Stallion you will be very pleasantly surprised to find out that Dillon is NEVER allowed to even start that kind of behavior! We expect him to have excellent manners at all times, even in the breeding pen. He is not allowed to do anything that would harm the handler or the mare, EVER! We begin teaching all of our horses ground manners at a very young age and the stud colts are not given a free pass, they are expected to be respectful of their handler at all times.


Click on the picture of Dillon to go to his personal page.

RVA Prom Annette Son "Dillon"


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