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Baby goats will be arriving soon! Keep checking back for pictures.

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4B Farms Customer Testimonials

We love to get pictures from our customers of them and their puppies. It makes us feel great to know that we have added love and joy to their lives and the lives of their family members by providing them with a healthy happy puppy that will give them unconditional love for many years!

Every once in a while we get a letter from someone that has one of our horses or goats as well. We always like to hear from our customers and get updates on our animals.

Here are some pictures and testimony from a few of our customers. We do have some customers that have willingly agreed to be references so if you would like to talk to them personally please contact us and we will put you in touch with them.



This is Shamus, he is doing well and is going to be starting agility training soon! He had a birthday party with all of his dog park friends and is hoping to have a new friend to play with when Pepper has her next litter in a couple weeks!


This is Boomer - he has already won 1st place in his training class! He has a very strong herding instinct so he will be continuing his training to keep him focused! We have puppy pictures of Boomer and his family below.


Sydney Sydney
This is Sydney Grummon and her friend Brei. She loves to play in the yard and is the official "Border Patrol" to keep wildlife out of her yard! She loves people though and is happy to greet anyone that comes to visit.


Sydney Sydney
This is Sydney Kompa all the way in California! She loves her buddy Sprocket and now she has a new family member to protect. She loves her new baby boy too! You can see her puppy pictures below.


Boomer Boomer

This is Boomer and his new family, The Reinigs.

Boomer has been a great addition to our family. He is very happy and adjusted to our home quickly. The first day home he learned sit and shake. I do all my computer work in the morning and he sits, sometimes on my toes, and plays with his toys until the rest of the family gets up. We just love him! RR


Ozzie Ozzie

Ozzie OzzieOzzie and his new family, The Menter's. Ozzie is doing great. The kids love him (as do the cousins and grandparents). He has been very sweet with the kids. (AM)


Boots & Piper

This is Chris & Marlo with Piper and Boots. They drove all the way from Maryland to Kansas to pick up these puppies! The worst thing was that we had a blizzard that day! Thank goodness they all made it back to Maryland safely though and everyone is doing great!


Bella/SydneySprocket & Sydney
Sydney & Family

This is Sydney and her family - she is enjoying sunny California! Sydney had a very long trip but she is really enjoying her new best friend Sprocket.


Teri&Chigger Chigger

This is FB Dillon's Golden Jazz - "Chigger", she has the smarts, the looks and the ability to go in almost any direction. Chigger has lot's of personality, and of course lot's of beauty!!  If your looking for a beautiful, quality horse with excellent bloodline and lot's of smarts and flash, check out this farm and it's list of beautiful baby's and horses that are up for sale, you won't be disappointed.   I have made a wonderful new friend in the owner Carol,she's been a great help for any questions I've had about Chigger. Very happy customer!! Teri


Lacey Lacey


FB Poco Chantilly Lace - I'm so impressed with horses from 4B Farms in Grinnell, Ks. The minds on these horses are amazing. They learn quick, don't forget, and are eager to please. I've had the pleasure of owning a colt and a filly and they are awesome. So if anyone is looking for a nice prospect head that way. Long drive (for me) but worth it. K. Smith

03/27/2012 Update:

Tilly has been at the trainer for three wks. My oldest, Jessica, and I went to see her sunday and she is awesome!! We both rode her and she is so nice and laid back and quiet. He has been using her to Dr cows so she open and closes gates(sidepasses), backs nicely with different speeds, she spins but not fast yet, stands with reins dropped and doesn't move till u get back on and tell her to, he ropes off her, and she already neck reins. He says she learns, remembers, and doesn't forget, and doesn't get overwhelmed. In short he says she has a brain and uses it and wishes they all were like her. Can't wait to get her home. Too bad we don't have any cows! Just thought I'd give u an update,and if u ever need a reference you can give my name. I'll stand behind your horses and send as much business your way as I can. I will post pics when we get her home next week. Thanks for breeding and selling such nice minded horses.

K. Smith




We just wanted to let you know that we have fallen completely in love with Boo ("Chloe" is the name we gave her).  She is the sweetest little puppy (and sooo smart!). My mother-in-law came by last night, and she doesn't normally show very much affection toward animals.  By the time she left, Chloe was in her arms cuddling it up.  She's also doing very well with the kids.  The picture attachment was taken the night my husband brought her home.  My kids were already sleeping, but we woke them up to meet their birthday gift.  Needless to say, it was love at first sight!  Thank you so much for the time and love you put into this sweet little puppy!
It was well worth it. The Davis Family



E.Tzinberg says: "She's doing great and everyone loves her... I'm lucky to have her!"




This is a family friend feeding Bailey some of her snack. They are terrific playmates and I'm sure Elsie will miss her when they leave.  The picture speaks for itself! K.Munie


Jimmy & MaggieJimmy & Maggie

Jimmy DeanJimmy Dean
He's (Jimmy) doing great!  He and Maggie are inseparable!  We had a great Thanksgiving...lots of family to include 3 kids ages 8-12, so the puppies really enjoyed that!  They just all played, practically 24/7! 
Jimmy says "I'm not in Kansas anymore!"  P.Bills



Lily is a FIRECRACKER!!  She immediately stood up for herself to our beagle and golden!  I guess little people have to do that!  But now after a couple days, she and the golden are buddies.  Our golden loves to play and thinks Lily is her living play toy. She comes when we clap our hands and call her name.  I was impressed! R.Crowe



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