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Puppies have arrived. Be sure to check out their pictures on the Miniature Aussies For Sale page!

Shayna & Rusty
Quality over Quantity!
Our puppies receive lots of loving attention from the time they are born until the time they go to their permanent homes.

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4B Farms of Grinnell, Kansas

Miniature Australian Shepherds

The Miniature Aussies are very smart, loyal working dogs. They are easy to train and they do their best to please you. We use them to help bring the horses and the goats in from the pasture. Bear, our son's dog, is our little baby sitter for the baby goats. He will follow them around the pen to make sure they aren't getting into trouble and herd them back to their mother if they wander too far. He is an avid Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and a very cool dude as you can see from the picture below! Daisy, the black tri female below is Shayna's dog and she won Grand Champion in Showmanship with her at the fair in 2010!



Stud Service Available

We have 4 very nice males, JNB Rimfire Wolf, "Jasper" is a Blue Merle with 2 blue eyes. He is not red factored and does not throw red pups. He has only had black bi, black tri, and blue merles with lots of blue eyes when bred to red bi or red tri and black tri females. All of the blue merle and black puppies you see on our web site are his get. They all have beautiful coloring, conformation and temperament. All of our adoptive families have been very pleased with their puppies! Call for information on breeding your female to Jasper! DM & MDR1 clear


The second male we have available is a TOY Australian Shepherd. His name is JNB Chili's Lil Wolf "Junior". Junior is a gorgeous little guy that exemplifies the Australian Shepherd, he has no idea that he is only about 12" tall! He has all the fire and desire to please of a full size Aussie and is quick as lightning! We have gotten two beautiful litters out of him already. We will be using one of his Blue Merle sons as a stud very soon! Please call us for more details.
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Our youngest male is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. His registered name is JNB Willow's Whiskey Wolf "Whiskey". He is a beautiful blue merle with two blue yes and he has more energy than he knows what to do with. He is a typical Aussie, he is glued to my side where ever I go and always has to know what is going on. He is Junior's son and we look forward to breeding him soon to our black tri or red tri female. DM & MDR1 clear.



Breeding Females

Our black tr female is JNB Rimfire's Blue Jasmine "Jasmine" is a pretty girl with lots of spunk. She has only had one litter so far but will be having another soon.
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Here are some pictures of the rest of the clan and previous puppies.


Merle pupFluffy




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