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4B Farms Raises Quality American Quarter Horses and

American Paint Horses

4B Farms horses have some of the best pedigrees available. We raise horses that are meant to be ridden. They will be your partner whether you are doctoring calves, cutting a cow off the herd, roping a steer, or riding the fence line. They will take you to the pay window whether you are team roping, steer wresting, running barrels and poles, or want a perfect reining pattern. They will take you down the trail or across the fences, they are versatile and they are intelligent and have outstanding conformation and temperament.

If you want a good, sound, working horse take a look at our Stallions page, Mares, page, Foals page, and the Sale Barn page.


4B Farms Brand

I have had several people call me asking about our brand so here is a picture of what a brand on one of our horses would look like. If you have a horse that has this brand on it's left hip it is probably one of ours. If you didn't buy the horse directly from us please give us a call and update us - we love to hear from people that are using our horses!


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