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4B Farms Mares

The old timers will tell you that the mare is substantially more important to the genetic make up of the foal than the stallion. For this reason we have made sure that we have excellent bloodlines, excellent conformation and temperament in our mares. A couple of our mares came from bad situations and may not be the prettiest horses anymore, but their breeding is beyond reproach and they are excellent Mommas. All of their pedigrees can be seen on www.allbreedpedigree.com just type in their registered name listed below their picture and you will see a 5 generation pedigree.


Wade & Holly
Hollys First Baldy

Holly is the Grand daughter of Holidoc x Doc Quiote and also of Seven S Baldy x Son O Leo. Wade won Grand Champion in Speed events and Judged events with her at the Sheridan County Fair. She is very catty and loves to work cattle. She is also an excellent mother!

Shayna & JazzWade & Jazz

Jazzy is a grade mare, we are pretty sure she was registered at one time but her paperwork didn't keep up with her. She is another Grand Champion in Speed events and in 2007 Wade rode her to two PERFECT reining scores in 4H. Wade rode her in 4H again in 2008, she took him to state in barrels and won Reserve Grand Champion in Speed Events at the County Fair. For State Fair he started working with her on calf roping, she did well, but unfortunately he missed the calf. In 2009 and 2010 she had a colt by her side so she got to stay home.


Below are some great mares we have had the pleasure of owning and that left this earth too early.


BabeBabe & Skipper
In Memory of Its A Zippy Babe
1992 - 2011

RIP Babe, we miss you! Babe died in November 2011 from a twisted gut. She gave us several beautiful foals in the 6 years we had her. Babe was a Granddaughter of legendary greats Zippo Pine Bar and Jackie Bee. She had got the most amazing moves I have ever seen. She could sit back on her hocks and turn on a dime. Her maternal instinct was unbelievable, in the picture above she is nursing HER SISTER'S foal! How many mares have you ever seen that will let someone else's foal nurse just because it wanted to???? The buckskin colt is Babe's, the sorrel is Copper's, her sister. Copper wasn't as close as Babe so Skipper decided to get a quick meal from Babe!


In Memory of Zippos My Beau

We lost Copper to colic Feb. 9, 2010. We will miss her, she gave us some gorgeous stud colts, and they will carry on her excellent lines. Rest in peace old girl.

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In Memory of Jacks Poco Belle

Bell died on December 2, 2014. Belle was a fighter right to the end. If shear will to live could have saved her she would have lived to be 100. We miss you old girl, run free and we will see you on the other side. Your baby boy Patches will be happy to see you. Rest in peace Belle Momma.

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